A new Apex Legends trick reveals why players often die behind cover – it is an awesome bug/glitch giving you an upper hand on enemies hiding in cover.

Apex Legends is a fast pace game and most of the time players are left in disguise – how did they died
while hiding behind cover, sometimes it is fairly difficult to find out the exact reason.

Covers are one way of hiding in FPS game’s – giving players bullet proof shelter from enemies and
forcing opponents to take a step forward and push in order to secure the kill, however Respawn
developers are not following the hurdle instead they have an unique approach towards it – they
give you an opportunity to kill your enemy behind cover if your aim is perfectly accurate.


Why Players die behind Cover in Apex Legends?

In an Apex Legends subreddit thread a player demonstrates what exactly happens on the other side
of the cover resulting in your elimination.

In the video we can clearly see a player with a sniper taking down an enemy Lifeline while they’re behind a set of boxes on the Olympus map. At a glance, the bullet seemingly penetrates the boxes and leads to the kill. However, when you look closely, you’ll realize Respawn have added small gaps in the boxes to reward players who have perfect aim.

You should definitely master this trick because it can win you multiple games ofcourse all the covers
in-game does not have gaps between them but it is worth giving it a try.

This trick may seem a lot easier but you need to have some aiming skills to pull this trick and eliminate
opponent hiding behind cover, yes, the gaps also depends on map design – we hope to see many more
such interesting features in future from Respawn.

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