Owner of two successful and renowned teams SouL and 8bit Thug has brought the whole Indian Gaming Community together for a Charity stream for Coronavirus Pandemic.

Coronavirus has become one of the greatest threat to the world and everyone is
contributing there share in this crisis to fight the Virus.

India is the 2nd highest populated countries in the world, and if the virus spreads locally in
the country it will result in a disaster, to tackle this pandemic Prime Minister of India has
issued a lockdown for 40 days all over the country.

But there are poor families which need food and also the hospitals require some amount
for treatment etc.

And to help them in this crisis situation, the Indian Gaming Community have come together
to raise funds for the PM Care Funds.


8Bit-Thug raising money to Fight Pandemic in INDIA

8Bit Thug has gathered all the gaming content creator and streamer from IGC to stream for two days to raise funds.

Before him, the same was done by ‘Tanmay Bhatt‘ a comedian and gamer, where he brought
many big personalities from the platform together to raise fund to fight Coronavirus Pandemic.

There are more than 30 gaming content creators participating in this #GamersStandWithIndia charity stream – including MortaL, ScoutOP, CarryMinati, XYAA, TheRawKnee, Gunshot, HydraFlick, Ankit ‘V3nom’Panth, Raven, Ghatak, Ocen Sharma etc.

The goal of this stream is to raise at least Rs 2 lakh through donations from the viewer the
stream will last for 2 days, starting from April 16-17 at 12:00PM.


This is very astonishing to see a community which is not praised in India that much coming
forward to help India fight this pandemic.

Also, the Coronavirus is now spreading faster in India as there is a total of 12 thousand infected and 424 death cases reported so far.

The Charity Stream is live on 8bit thug Channel right now, so if you are from India or anywhere around the world feel free to join.

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