As we all know it is a tough time for the whole world, almost every country in the world is under lockdown, everyone is in quarantine so we have listed top 7 best mobile games to play with friends during the quarantine period.

First of all these mobile games are free to play and accessible all over the world.

Also, you can play these with both friends or solos.

7 Best mobile games to play with friends during the quarantine

#7. Clash of Clans

Everybody must be familiar with this game.

This game brings all you guys together, but you are not battling each other.

Instead, you will be battling other teams when you participate in the war.

One of the best mobile games to play with your friends during the lockdown

Clash of Clans has totally evolved and it is not the same game what it was two or three years back.

Now there are a lot of opportunities to come together to play as a team.

You can also create your clans.

If you are a fan of Supercell games or Action games you gonna love it playing with your friends.

#6. FRAG Pro Shooter

As the name suggests it is a Shooter game for mobile devices.

The game features an Arena style shooter gameplay with a limited amount of time per round.


You can also unlock characters in-game as you make progress in-game and get through different arenas.

Also, all these characters have different abilities.

Moreover, you can also unlock skins and chest
This can be a perfect match for you and your friends to play.

#5. Identity V

You can play this game with four of your friends.
All of you need to play some roles, you will have 4 survivours and 1 hunter on the battlefield.


And as you all have probably guessed it, hunters have to take down all the survivors one by one.

It is like playing Hide & Seek but also being in quarantine.

This is the best mobile game to play hide & seek with your friends during the quarantine.

but survivours also has a job to do.
They need to go around the map and open doors and once all the doors are open they can escape.

The game has a ton of jump scares and stuff, it is super creepy.

The game can also be seen as pretty much the same as ‘Dead by Daylight’.

#4. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

It is like the Paladins for Mobile, the game features a tone of different heroes that you can choose from.

Each of them has different abilities.


There is a 5v5 mode in this game where you can build a team with your friends and take down another team.

You can also master your character’s abilities, there is a lot to learn in this game.

So why don’t give this mobile game a try?

#3. Carrom Pool

If you are a 90’s kid you must be familiar with Carrom board games.


So, this is the digital version of Carrom board games.

And we all know that it can be played by 4 four players at a time.

So why not refresh some old memories with old friends.

#2. CoD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is the new most popular mobile game.

Released by Activision for mobile devices, it can be played with friends online during this quarantine period.

Call of duty is one of the best mobile games to play with friends especially in the quarantine period

The game is developed in corporation with Tencent game, it features a lot of maps and modes to try out during lockdown.

Moreover, this game has an in-game chat and voice chat options making you feel more connected to your friends.


Who in the world doesn’t know Pubg Mobile

It is the most played game in the Asia region, hosting tournaments all year.


PUBGM hosts some of the biggest mobile e-sports events.

Features 5 maps with tons of different game modes to try.

Different weapons and attachments make this game more explorable.

In-game chat system makes you more connected to your friends.

One of the biggest battle royale game for mobile devices.

The only con about the game is it requires a little bit of higher spec mobile devices to have smooth gameplay.

But it can be your best play area to chill out.

Also, it is PUBG Mobile’s 2 year anniversary going on so this might be the best time to check out this game if you haven’t.

So, if you are looking for the best mobile games to play with your friends during quarantine and also have verbal communication with them then PUBG Mobile is your go-to game.

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