Although CSGO games have been around for way longer than Valorant, esports gamers have argued that Valorant matches are better. Why there’s even a comparison between the two games in the first place is due to the similar gameplay you’ll find in the video games. CSGO is a multiplayer game where you have to carry out missions in a five-against-five formation.

The same formation applies to Valorant, and you’ll be carrying out similar missions as to the ones you’ll find in CSGO games. However, Valorant has been said to have better agents with special abilities, among other features making the game more interesting and desirable than CSGO.

What Is Valorant?

The esports industry has come a long way, paving the way for several genres of games to be accepted globally by gamers. One of the most favored genres is first-person shooter games, which could be solo or multiplayer. For example, Valorant is a first-person hero shooter game created and launched by riot games.

The video game was first released in its beta phase under “Project A,” giving limited access until its official release in 2020. For gamers who have played the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will observe the Valorant games after it with borrowed mechanics, including spray patterns, buy menu, and gameplay.

In CSGO, two teams comprising five players go against each other in terrorism vs. anti-terrorism missions. The idea is also incorporated into Valorant where two teams of five players each face off against each other in sabotage vs. anti-sabotage missions.

Why Did Valorant Get So Many Fans Even With A Similar Strategy To CSGO?

Why Did Valorant Get So Many Fans Even With A Similar Strategy To CSGO

Valorant received love, and massive attention from esports gamers worldwide as the game is available in several countries. In addition, some users who played CSGO have switched to playing Valorant because it’s quite “simpler” and with more features to explore with the agents carrying out the missions.

CSGO revolutionized the esports industry, and its challenges were so revered that there were tournaments on international levels. Valorant is a livelier, less-severe game that players can relate to better and also enjoy similar CSGO mechanics.

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Why Are Valorant Matches More Interesting Than CSGO Matches?

As more people play the Valorant matches and leave the CSGO game, it’s only right to know what’s causing the switch. These are some of the reasons we’ve gathered that make Valorant matches more interesting than CSGO.

Better Characters With More Choices

Better Characters With More Choices

The first thing you might notice about Valorant is that the characters are not as generic as CSGO, and you can customize your players as you unlock skins playing the game. There are 19 characters you can use in the game, including Breach, Killjoy, Fade, Neon, Chamber, Brimstone, Viper, Phoenix, Sage, Omen, Sova, Cypher,  Reyna, Raze, Astra, Skye, Jeff, and Yoru.

These characters are known as Agents and have four different roles in a team. These roles include the Duelist, Sentinel, Initiator, and Controller.

Simpler Gameplay And Better Advantages

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is recognized internationally as the standard for FPS games in the esports industry. As such, it lives up to its reputation with challenging missions that require critical thinking and working strategies with your teammate. Everything you’re doing on CSGO is tied with strategy and logic that will apply to real-life combat.

However, with Valorant games, you get more straightforward gameplay and enhanced gameplay for some actions. For instance, switching to a knife attack in the Valorant game will make your character run faster and with better accuracy.

However, with Valorant games, you get more straightforward gameplay and enhanced gameplay for some actions. For instance, switching to a knife attack in the Valorant game will make your character run faster and with better accuracy.

Distinguishable Characters For Better Communication

The voice lines for the agents in Valorant are highly distinguishable and memorable. This will help you better with communication on who’s talking with who and what they’re talking about. Also, as you shout commands in the multiplayer video game, it’ll help your team coordinate and execute actions better.

Although CSGO makes its characters and voice lines more realistic, Valorant is more immersive with its character’s voice lines, unique abilities, and background story.

Better Visuals And Unique Map Elements

The maps in Valorant have elements you won’t find in the CSGO gameplay. Instead, you’ll find elements like Split with ropes that players can climb, Binds with unidirectional teleporters, Haven with three bomb sites, Ascent with breakable doors, and Icebox with a zipline.

The visuals are also spectacular, with a design that lets you see teammates through walls, making it better for players to strategize. You’ll also be able to identify elements easily, and movements are distinct & detailed.

Valorant also makes it possible to see the number of credits your opponent has during each round. This helps your team strategize better with guns and armors.

Bigger And Better Updates

Being a newer game in the industry, the game comes with more patches and bigger updates frequently compared to CSGO. This means you’ll be getting more unique elements, better agents, and more weapons over time. CSGO might be the evergreen FPS game in the esports industry, but Valorant has the potential to be bigger.


The reasons listed are why Valorant might be more interesting than CSGO matches. However, it’s not to bring down CSGO; it’s giving the Counter-Strike classic all its flowers for paving the way for a game like Valorant.