GTA V was launched back in 2013 and it is one of the long-time running game of GTA franchise, GTA V has many cool features which are extremely similar to the real world. GTA 6 is also in development here are some GTA 6 leaks. But today I am going to show you 15 insane details in GTA V that you have not noticed yet.

Let us know in the comment section which of these details you have noticed in-game.

So without further ado let’s get started.

Attention to Details in GTA V

#1: Injured Police will Be Dragged away

Have you ever noticed it?

While being in a firefight with Police whenever a Police officer gets injured a fellow police member drags him away in cover.


Isn’t it human nature to save your injured friend?

#2 Cats reacting to Gun Shot

Have you ever noticed this GTA V detail?

Next time in-game shoot a bullet next to the cat and watch it react to the gunshot.


In my opinion, during the development of GTA 5, a long-time cat lover has added this to the game.

#3 Helicopter Blades Cutting Leafs of Tree

Have you ever noticed this detail?

Whenever you bring helicopter close to any tree it’s leaf cuts off from the tree.


Try it next time in-game.

#4 The way car class breaks

Have you ever noticed this GTA 5 detail?

Every time you kick front windows of the car it breaks in the same way, it would break in real life.


#5 Flip Flops actually Flip flops

Have you ever noticed it?

I can bet on this you never noticed it

When you wear a flip flop it actually flips flops rather than sticking with the foot.


Next time was close.

#6 Fuel tank leaking

What is this Attention to Details in GTA V?

Have you ever paid attention to it?

Whenever the fuel tank of a car damages it really leaks petrol and, no I am not kidding.


#7 GPS Losing Signals

Have you ever noticed it?

Whenever you go inside a tunnel your GPS loses signals.


Next time pay attention.

#8 Wearing Glasses actually works in GTA 6

Have you ever noticed it?

When you wear any shade and switch to the first-person view the environment really changes to the shade’s colour.


#9 Rocks sliding down the Mountains

Have you noticed this?

Whenever you shoot or bump into a rock in mountains it actually slides down.

#10 Sweat Marks

Is not this a real-life thing?

In summers you can see the sweat marks on players body over a shirt or t-shirt.

#11 Road Details

The road you walk/ drive upon have you ever noticed that?

The attention to details on road in GTA 5 is on another level it is almost same as the real-life roads.


#12 Sound of Car’s Fan

You can actually hear the car’s fan sound in a quiet place

rev your car for a couple of seconds and then stop you will hear some fan noise from the car.

#13 Men and Women enter the car differently

Both male and female player models have there different animation of entering the car.

#14 Puddle Evaporate over time

Water spots on road evaporate over time.


Did you ever notice it?

#15 You can ignite fuel from backfire of a car

Seems like impossible right?

But you can ignite the fuel from backfire of the car.


Try it next time.

I hope you like insane details in GTA V article helpful comment down below details you have not noticed earlier and any other suggestions or queries.


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